About Dr. Carol Bennington, PhD

Self-Discovery & Empowerment

Carol’s focus is facilitating persons in navigating through life’s daily challenges with greater ease. Her passion is exploring and teaching tools for self-discovery and empowerment, specifically though many aspects of Nature.
Carol Bennington, PhD.

Dr. Carol Bennington, PhD.

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“May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven in the heart of wonder.”
-John O’Donohue

Private Consultations

Dr. Bennington offers personalized Flower Essence Consultations and Mentoring, aka Coaching, sessions.

In a Flower Essence Consultation the focus is determining which essences best match a person’s current unique situation.

Mentoring, aka coaching,  facilitates persons to clarify goals and obstacles and create strategies to navigate and move  through the challenges with greater ease. Flower essences may be integrated with mentoring. Given Carol likes to incorporate Nature in the process, she prefers the term and image of field guide rather than coach. One may be at a crossroad where direction is sought. Or a person is entering new territory and seeks a guide to help them cross the rapids in life, and/or to create a new path for the current journey.

Accomplished Practitioner & Instructor

Dr. Carol Bennington has been using and teaching others about flower essences for over two decades.  She is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) and has taught the Introductory and Advanced seminars of the practitioner program approved by the Bach Centre in the UK. 

She has studied at the Bach Centre, as well as completing the professional practitioner’s courses with several North American flower essences systems: 

  • FES/Flower Essence Services, 
  • Living Flower Essences, and 
  • Desert Alchemy. 

Carol’s doctoral dissertation explored the connections with Nature that flower essence user’s experienced. Part of the research for this involved comparing the approaches of the original Bach Flower Remedies with several North American flower essence systems. “Nature, Trauma and the Soul” and “Building Resilient Communities” were her doctoral program concentrations. 

Her background includes training in numerous holistic healing arts, including herbalism, homeopathy, aromatherapy,  and life coaching.  

In addition to her credentials, Carol’s expertise is also informed  by her twenty-five years of personal experiences with the flower essences, as well as those of her hundreds of students and clients. She welcomes the opportunity to work with you to enliven your essence.

Customized Courses and Presentations

Dr. Bennington has designed and taught flower essence courses as adjunct faculty for the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (Tempe, AZ), the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (Tempe, AZ), and the Ohio Institute of Energetic Studies and Bodywork (Columbus, OH). The Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association approved her continuing medical education seminar. She also has presented at the Healing Touch Worldwide Conference.