ob•sta•cle ŏb′stə-kəl

  • n.  Something that stands in the way of or holds up progress.
  • n.  That which opposes or stands in the way; something that obstructs progress; a hindrance or obstruction.

Join me for a conversation to explore how you can discover a new path to overcome your obstacles, connect to your inner strength, live your best life.

Begin a journey that will give you gentle and natural tools to reach your goals to become more resilient for these challenging times. Discover ways to draw on your inner strength and wisdom to move through life’s challenges in smoother ways.


What’s standing in your way?

      • Old habits?
      • Feeling Stuck?
      • Don’t know how to move forward?
      • Feeling Overwhelmed?
      • Grieving or missing the past?
      • Lack of clarity – Who do I want to be now?

Like the song goes, the times are a changing

Change is the only absolute, yet humans resist it. The status quo, or what was before, seems to bring comfort – at least we often remember the past as feeling secure even when it may not have been.    

For many of us, and as a society, we are living in the between times, between the not yet there and our past of no longer. It may be time to create a new roadmap for your journey.


men•tor mĕn′tôr″, -tər

  • A wise and trusted counselor or teacher.


I will facilitate your move through your little and bigger obstacles, to move towards your next step of your journey with greater ease.  If you’re like me you may have discovered if you ignore the little challenges they tend to grow into bigger ones. I encourage you – not to wait for a crisis to address your challenges, nip them in the bud. Whether you feel like you are in chaos, headed in that direction, are at a turning point or are just ready for change I encourage you to schedule a FREE call with me. Let’s walk your journey and move through those in-between times together.

Dr. Carol Bennington, PhD




Personal Journey Mentoring

Looking for an experienced companion for your journey?

I can help you clarify your challenges, assist you to create your new roadmap, guide  you through your obstacles and share ways you can become more resilient in your daily life.

Mentoring is customized for you and your unique situation using the most appropriate methods for you.

Visit the Mentoring page for more information.


Flower Essence Consultation

Flower Essences, aka Flower Remedies

Nature’s Natural Stress Reliever

Gain clarity regarding your current concerns and which flower essences would be most appropriate for your unique situation. Learn how each of your selected flower essences can enhance your resilience and move you toward greater wellness. It helps to have an experienced expert guide you through this process.  

Visit the Flower Consultation page for more specific information on a Flower Essence Consultation.


In this long siege of COVID-19, it has become hard for me to discern what I’m feeling.  I feel both overcome and numb all at once.  The value of the consultation was invaluable for helping me untangle some of the feelings, but more importantly to be able to safely examine them through the gentle language of flowers.  No judgments, shoulds, or musts.  I still laugh when I remember Dr. Bennington’s suggestion that the water violet might best describe my innate need for social space.  Beautiful flower, but “needs about six feet of space between”.   Yet even a water violet needs some balance of apart vs togetherness.  It was fun and fascinating to select the 7 essences for my own customized concoction, and afterwards I realized how Dr. Bennington’s ‘active listening’ had seemed more like a guided conversation.  But her skills helped me untangle the jungle of emotions, and even before the essences arrived, I felt better and even had a twinge of hope.

M. Price, retired NP, PhD.

Health is our heritage, our right. It is the complete and full union between soul, mind and body; and this is no difficult faraway ideal to attain, but one so easy and natural that many of us have overlooked it.

Dr. Edward Bach – Free Thyself