Personal Journey Mentoring

Do you feel…

Lack of clarity?  Challenged?  Frustrated?  Grief?  Stuck?

There is Hope

Awakening Hearts and Enliven Your Essences offer support and tools for your journey.

NO judgments or diagnosing.

We facilitate your discovering a new path to overcome your obstacles in a safe and confidential space.

There is hope – to live your best with greater ease.

With Enliven Your Essences there are many choices; it’s always up to you to choose which path to use to move into your best self while we provide the support and guidance throughout the process.

Personal Journey Mentoring

Dr. Carol Bennington, PhD. as a mentor facilitates your discovery of new insights, options and direction. It is her belief and experience that the answers are within us; the challenge often comes in accessing them.

Carol has extensive experience and training in numerous methods to assist you to get through your challenge.  Life coaching, Flower Essences, Nature based approaches, and numerous holistic healing arts are some of the techniques available to assist you in achieving your goals.

The journey of life is easier when you have a mentor to walk with you along your chosen path.

Flower Essence Mentor

Dr. Carol Bennington, PhD. will mentor you individually or as a small group on the use of flower essences for personal and/or professional use.

Mentoring is customized for the individual or group.

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