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In honor of the 125th birthday of Dr. Edward Bach, and the 70th anniversary of his 1941 edition of The Twelve Healers, the Bach Centre has made the 1941 definitive edition available to you free of charge. (Please note that other translations of this text are available on the Bach Centre’s website.)

The Twelve Healers contains Dr. Bach’s descriptions of each of his flower remedies and recommended usage.

Dr. Bach records his philosophy of healing and the role of flower remedies in Heal Thy Self.

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Every so often we’re asked about the dangers of keeping remedies in the fridge, or standing them on the television, or taking them through scanners at airports.  Just the other day we were asked whether it’s okay to store bottles next to mobile phones.  The fear is that radiation from one of these sources might affect the energy in the remedies and stop them working. 

People assume that Bach remedies are homoeopathy and therefore (like homoeopathic remedies) very delicate.

The opposite is true.  Like the wild plants and weeds they come from, Bach remedies are pretty tough.  It’s okay to keep your treatment bottle in the fridge, or in your handbag next to your mobile phone, or next to your computer.

You can also take remedies in coffee and tea, and in food, and after brushing your teeth – all things that aren’t advised when taking homoeopathic medicines.

The only things to avoid are contamination (e.g. touching the dropper with your tongue), warmth, and direct sunlight.  The first can introduce bacteria and will mean the remedy will taste “off” and should be discarded.  The latter two can make stock remedies taste stale and unpleasant.  Keep them cool, clean and out of direct sunlight, then: apart from that there’s nothing to worry about.

 Bach Centre’s Facebook post  on June, 19, 2012.

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